About Linkury

Linkury, a company established in 2009, is known in the market for creating powerful tools that have changed the way people browse the web by making products that are customizable and simple to use for publishers and users around the world. Linkury makes it easier for users to access the Internet, to quickly perform highly focused searches for information and data, to compare that information side by side and then share it with the click of a button. Based on an advanced service framework with a powerful infrastructure, the Linkury platform has everything needed for developers to create, customize and distribute their products, including a high-powered SDK for their use.

Linkury Smartbar for Users and Publishers

Referred to in the industry as the first of the next generation of toolbars, Linkury created the Smartbar to help both users and publishers. The Smartbar is a dynamic tool that can be used for leveraging information found on the Internet, making it both efficient and actionable. Because it is based on the cloud SaaS platform, the Smartbar can be customized by users and publishers of content.

For the ordinary user, the Linkury Smartbar is easy to use and simply helps them to find the information they are looking for quickly as well as to communicate with others. Since they are not held back by content that the developer selected, they can scour the Internet for areas of interest and pin them as selections to their Smartbar. As far as the position on the screen goes, users can place it wherever they want, whether that is on the top, the bottom or on either side. Users can search for information simultaneously on several search engines and then display those search results side by side for easy comparison.

Publishers, on the other hand, appreciate the Linkury Smartbar for different reasons. First and foremost is for the ease in which they can easily brand and monetize their products. They can customize the toolbar as a white label product to build their traffic and use the additional traffic to increase revenue through multiple monetization choices that are available.

Thanks to the SaaS platform, they can keep on top of current data that enables them to feed personal preferences, user interests and specialized widgets into Linkury’s Smartbar that are all up to date and relevant to the user. It also comes with a valuable built-in platform that can be customized to generate reports relating to business and usage. While the publisher retains complete control concerning the platforms, it is ready to use on multiple platforms and with every web browser. It is based on cloud technology and is totally scalable with a high rate of availability.

Linkury Tools for Increased Retention and Distribution

One of the highest retention rates in the world today is held by the Linkury platform by making use of special technologies that keeps its users well connected and satisfied. The analytic tools provided to the publisher ensure that the apps and products being created are user-specific.

Uninstall Linkury’s Smartbar

To conclude, Linkury provides a smart content sharing and discovery tool, which is beneficial for both users and publishers. However, if you would like to uninstall the Linkury Smartbar, you don’t need to go through a complicated process. On the contrary, removal is actually very quick and easy. Click here to view removal guidelines and contact Linkury’s support if needed.


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